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2018 in review

On the #ThisGirlCan campaign; This Girl Can’t

On turning 30

On running a marathon really, REALLY slowly

On the shame of having IBS

On becoming a Fitness Instructor – advice and experience!

On that time I got really lost and nearly died on a running route

On a 12 week body transformation and why I’d never do another

On rocking a metallic leotard and living your best life when you secretly feel like sh*t

On hiding from your trainer when you see them out and about

On why your fitness is YOUR business (and nobody else’s!)

Bearpit Bristol – a plea from me to keep this place alive and thriving

On why the hell exercise has got to be called “training” to be taken seriously

On interviewing #GirlBoss Chloe Madeley

On how you use social media and if bloggers are in fact all liars

On surviving DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

On changing room etiquette (don’t be an a**hole)

On why yoga is AMAZING!

On winning “Best Fitness Blog” in the MyProtein Fitness Blogger Awards

On body confidence needing a happy brain

On running your first race aged 66

On getting a sub-1hr PB!


On the best Gym Bag I ever did own

On 2015 New Year’s Resolutions!

On missing my old Shoreditch running route

On being a sportswear addict

On Krill Oil supplements and why I didn’t turn into a whale

On being your own harshest critic, why it’s normal, and how to be nicer to yourself

On five people to avoid in the gym

On Detoxes, and one I found that I finally liked, from nutritionist Claire Stone

On wearing trousers from lululemon on every possible occasion

On meeting sporting royalty

On the most delicious homemade Healthy Bircher I ever did make- Project HB’s HB!

On what makes a good fitness class

On being part of the amazing Rooftop Yoga Sunset Sessions in Peckham

On legs vs wheels

On being ill for months and having a good old moan about it

On conquering depression when you’re a gym-bunny who’s battling an illness or injury

On showing yourself a little love now and again

On getting physio and wearing amazing pink neon kinetic tape

On Project HB’s first photoshoot

On baking some healthy nibbles

On a great little waist-bag to wear while out jogging

On the size of my bottom

On a gluten free breakfast muffin recipe

Project HB Hoodie

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