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BLOG: IBS Series: Make Your Own Live Yoghurt

In my blog post about suffering from IBS earlier this month, I mentioned that I’d be sharing some ways that have helped me to calm my digestive system and lessen the intensity/frequency of IBS episodes. For anyone with IBS, I encourage you to embark on some open-minded discovery of your trigger foods, because every single one of us is different. For me, one amazing … Read More BLOG: IBS Series: Make Your Own Live Yoghurt


BLOG: The Shame of IBS

If you suffer from IBS then you’ll know the difficulty you have describing it to someone who doesn’t. You’ll also recognise the constant struggle to keep a happy and normally functioning digestive system, and the way that when you’re suffering an episode you can’t really think about anything else. For me, I’ve got a sensitive digestive system- and a whole host of food can … Read More BLOG: The Shame of IBS

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