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REVIEW: Frame Learn- Fibre with Karen O’Donoghue

THE BASICS: I’m a huge fan of Frame, as you may know. I was excited to be kindly invited to one of their new Frame Learn events– they’ve taken residence at gorgeous Counter Albion in Shoreditch this April for a series of expert talks and workshops, all followed by healthy, nourishing dinners where you get the chance to socialise with the speaker and fellow … Read More REVIEW: Frame Learn- Fibre with Karen O’Donoghue

Frame Shoreditch, FrameBARRE class

THE BASICS: Mix an aerobics class with graceful, perfectly postured ballet barre moves, core work and weight reps. Repeat until you wonder how you are going to walk tomorrow (note- you won’t be able to walk tomorrow). THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: Frame Shoreditch is right round the corner from me and so I find myself heading there quite often nowadays. My last experience had … Read More Frame Shoreditch, FrameBARRE class

Frame Shoreditch, Vibe Class

THE BASICS: 30 minute intense work out where hardcore stretching, conditioning and toning reps take place on a gigantic vibrating machine, known commonly as a power plate, but I thought it reminded me of something rather ruder. THE BITCHES: Carly (for my sins). THE CLASS: I took this class straight after a Frame Camp class (that you can read about here), and so won’t … Read More Frame Shoreditch, Vibe Class

Frame Shoreditch, Frame Camp Class

THE BASICS: A fast, intense 30 minute work out focusing on short, rapidly increasing intervals, designed to give you a real cardio workout for 15mins, and then a toning/conditioning workout for 15 mins. Then you die. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: Sunday morning. My muscles woke up grumpy with me for the previous morning’s hot yoga flow class. Well, body, you can complain as … Read More Frame Shoreditch, Frame Camp Class

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